? Drakensang Online ? News – BONUSCODE + Improved royal Onyx [GER] {{EN}}

? Drakensang Online ? News – BONUSCODE + Improved royal Onyx [GER] {{EN}}

As you can see in the guild chat,
there is a new bonus code: NEVERTARI we get this bonus code because
we had complete the nefertari challenge 3 spirit stones, 1 legendary item,
1 polished gem bag, 1 buff for the event The next is the royal onyx which i do
now upgrade to the green version of it 15 times chalkstone, 25 times mossy stone
and 100 chalkonite ore gives 150 crit more you get chalkstone from the bosses (asar, khalys, arachna)
–>but not from the parallel world bosses of them! the mossy stone you can get
at this two dungeons i did farmed the chalkosine in
the Valley of the spines map Furthermore at the collectors bag:
i upgraded the dog for better sell prices as you see i have 49 of 50 changed crescerit.
so i am close to upgrade him again 😀 event is still completed but BP changed
the andermant from 8000 (testserver) to 6000 keep your pets because you will be able
to melt them with the next Release as you can see i also got dragan gloves,
dragan helmet and dragan shoes on mode 7 maybe i also will be able to do a quick
video about release 217… hopefully if you have premium then buy the 1500 gold
pet at emilia because for the moment you can melt this pet on the testserver and then you
get about 20 changed crescerit for upgrading your pets sure i will do dragan on the livestream
at friday and also at the weekend because i wanna also get the dragan ring
but the i have just 2k realm fragments left the leaderboard ends in 32 days, so
i have enough time to complete further on solo i had only start with q8
but on group i have do some more runs i do the parallel worlds because i spent alot of gold
for crafting and i wanna get changed crescerit i have also done a new
survey at the community tab i can say the most people like the dragan event
and only 7% don’t like it. i think that’s a good result some people also write that the low levels
and bad players have no chance to finish the event but i will help people at the livestream
on friday and maybe also at the weekend just for interesting a survey between the
games pubg fortnite and apex ^^ so this surveys are interesting for me because then i know
how many people at my community play this games i can say we are finished with this video.
thanks for watching. bb your Xardas 😉

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  1. Danke Xardas. Wegen dir hab ich den Bonuscode nicht. Du musst uns Spieler doch auf dem Laufenden halten.

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