? Drakensang Online ? Defeat the Undefeatable – Extra News + Tips [GER] {{EN}}

? Drakensang Online ? Defeat the Undefeatable – Extra News + Tips [GER] {{EN}}

Hello guys, and welcome to an
another video from DSO. I am again on the testserver. I will talk short and compact about some news First of all a new funny bug. But i don’t can show you this bug because
i don’t have the emote new years bottle. Take a look to the video of shearly,
which shows the bug 😉 If you do this emote and gets interrupted by
damage you will still use the bottle as weapon. So let’s do de again itself. as you can see i finished the different
phases from normal to mode 2 now i will show you that that it
is as intended. so let’s enter on mode 1 i will show you, after the progress bar has
reached the phase fatal, then you need to do fatal from fatal upward you don’t get loot on
mode 0 to 2 (normal, painful, excruciating) the progress is dropped though, but as you can see
when i loot them the progress is still the same but i don’t can tell you: do i have to play
inf1 for inf1 progress and so on? Let’s switch to inf1 for a another
new element of the event. Another new feature is, that the vortex now
reduce oneself the cooldown bp told that it was a bug so you can do the vortex endless
and don’t need to use the mind control so you can save the 5 points for the mind
control on the knowledgement tree so now you can see i will get the progress
because i looted it on inf1 and that’s above fatal if you look on the menu, you will see a new button there you can report a bug via browser so now you will see the important part from inf 1 upward you have the opportunity
to get these different runes so this is not the only new thing the dungeon is really big, but you need to go
on every dungeon to the marked area if you reached the marked area you can
spawn the boss with the shrine and now the important thing is that you get
progress drops from the bosses in this dungeon and pay attention.
on inf1 you get already 300 progress!! so now we are on the end of the video we had the bug with the emote, and the possible bosses.
farther we had no event progress under the mode fatal and at least that you can get drops from
the boss in every dungeon a another video will be online soon
with the progress as topic 😉 and so i wanna say thanks for watching
bye bye your xardas 😉

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  1. Kurze Frage: Wo droppen da jetzt die Runen in den Grotten ? Bei den Bossen die man rufen kann oder wo anders ?

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