Hazel Whyte
Eat For Two
Eat For Two

(Natalie Merchant)

Baby blankets and baby shoes
Baby slippers, baby spoons, walls of baby blue
Dream child in my head
Is a nightmare born in a borrowed bed.
Now I know lightning strikes again,
It struck once, now it struck me dead
And my folly grows inside of me

I eat for two
Breath for two
Walk for two now
I walk for two
Eat for two
Breath for two now.

Well the egg-man fell down off his shelf
All the good kings men and all their help
Struggled until the end
For the shell they couldn’t mend
You know where this will lead
To hush and rock in the nursery
For the kicking one inside of me

When the boy was a boy and the girl was a girl
They found each other in this wicked world
Strong in some respects
But she couldn’t stand for the way he begged and give in
Pride, that’s for men
Young girls you should run and hide instead
You risk the game by taking dares with yes.
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