Hazel Whyte
Banks O' The Nile
Banks of the Nile

Hark -- the drum still beats, my love: no longer can we stay

The bugle horn is sounding clear, and we must march away

We're ordered down to Portsmouth and it's many's the weary mile

To join the British Army on the banks of the Nile

Oh, Willie, dearest Willie, don't leave me here to mourn

Don't make me curse and rue the day that ever I was born

For the parting of our love would be like parting with my life

So stay at home, my dearest love, and I will be your wife

Oh, my Nancy, dearest Nancy, sure, that would never do

The government has ordered, and we are bound to go

The government has ordered, and the Queen, she gives command

And I am bound on oath, my love, to serve in a foreign land

Oh, but I'll cut off my yellow hair, and I'll go along with you

I'll dress myself in uniform, and I'll see Egypt too

I'll march beneath your banner while Fortune, it do smile

And we'll comfort one another on the banks of the Nile

Your waist, it is too slender, and your fingers, they are too small

And the sultry suns of Egypt your rosy cheeks would spoil

Where the cannons, they do rattle and the bullets, they do fly

And the silver trumpet sounds so loud: to hide the dismal cries

Oh, cursed be these cruel wars, wherever they began

For they have robbed our country of many's the handsome man

They've robbed us of our sweethearts, while their bodies, they
feed the lions

On the dry and sandy deserts which are the banks of the Nile
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