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Ballad Of Johnny
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Ballad Of Johnny Ramensky

Far distant, far distant, in Peterhead Jail
Lies Johnny Ramensky, his escape bid is failed
Iron bars and red granite keep him from the sun
And Johnny Ramensky, no freedom has won.

He's been in a prison for most of his days
And 'I must hae' my freedom' is all that he says
For there are no horizons in a twenty-foot cell
And bitter is the music of a cold prison bell.

He's slipped from the darkness and into the light
To the green fields around him he's taken a flight
Forgotten his prison, to his window no bars
For Johnny Ramensky walked under the stars.

Like a dog he was hunted, like a dog he was ta'en
Ah but sweet was the smell of the wind and the rain
One breath of fresh air, one glance at the sun
But Johnny Ramensky no freedom has won.

Repeat first verse.^^