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"The Corries"
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The Lyrics for many Celtic songs can be viewed and in some cases
listened to at pages available through the links to the right.
Lyrics with audio have a button beside them.
If you want to hear a clip, or need lyrics just click on the button on this
You may listen to these songs or clips as often as you wish online,
however  I do ask that you only
download songs which are available
through this
link. Unless it states "available for free download" on the
individual page.
This site features Scots, Irish, and Welsh branches of Celtic and
Gaelic music.
It even has American country and western  in places. Here you will
find both my own compositions, and many traditional and modern
songs, all of who's creators I thank.
Please feel free to e-mail me with any requests for
favourites you may have, which it may be within my
humble abilities to record and put here for your
To all visitors to these pages, Thank you for coming here.
These pages are dedicated to a love of Celtic music.
Please feel free to browse through this site, and sample
anything you wish to, be it a ballad, a song or a poem.
"Scottish music... can thrill the soul, delight the
senses, tell tales of disaster and intrigue, speak of
unrequited love or lands that are lost now.
Scottish music is as unique and diverse as the
people and land that gave it birth. I hope you
enjoy your journey through Scotland in Song."
So, Go ahead, sit back, relax, and enjoy some music if you will, as I
enjoyed providing it, recording it, and placing it here for your
If the words are not already here for your favourite Celtic music, Scottish
ballad, Scots or Irish song, then I would encourage you to send me a link
to the words, lyrics, chords and music, or cut and past them to an e-mail.
As time allows I'll try to put a tune to them (if I can) and put them here
for your listening pleasure.
I do consider myself VERY lucky, my life, my family and my music have
all allowed me to experience life in added dimensions: No matter where I
seem to go, there are people who like to hear Scottish Music, Ballads, and
songs, from the inner city of Glasgow to the Virgin and San Juan Islands,
my thanks to all of you have let me share your lives, however briefly, in
such wonderful ways.
Please note that I regard everything on this site as copyrighted, by myself,
but you may freely use anything available for download as long as proper
credit is given either to myself or the original artists, and nothing taken
from this site is modified without my written (e-mailed) consent.
The truest reflection of the culture of a land is in the music of the land.
The State Of Scotland's Economy
The History Of The Union
Scottish National Party
The Ethnic Cleansing Of Scotland
The Rape & Pillage Of Resources
A Gathering
Of The
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You will find here true songs
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"Wife Sales" to love
letters written in heiroglyphs.
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Eat For Two
River Of Time
She Walks Through
The Fair
Banks Of The Nile
Widows Tears
Across The Wide
Ghost Of A Chance
In this
site I have
tried to create
a Database
Of Celtic
music and
History as
Told in Songs
and Ballads
Through The
note that
some lyrics on
this site may be
regarded as
The fact that
these lyrics are
available here is
NOT an
endorsement of
their content, it
merely reflects a
right to free
Robert Burns
Robert Louis Stevenson
Lady Nairn
My first attempt at web design. Since my husband's injury I have had to pretty much "do it all".  
To those many who helped with time, suggestions and work here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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